SUMO Staff Organization Changes

Mozilla makes products for real people — people who use our products each day, people who recommend us to friends, people who care about the open Web.  They are our lifeblood, and we care deeply about them.  Sometimes these real people need help.  Other times, they have suggestions about how to make our products better.  SUMO is the answer: we help people and we also listen to their feedback.  We then share that feedback with the awesome folks who make our products better.

Because more and more people are using our products, and because we’re soon shipping an amazing new product that will take the world by storm, the SUMO team needs to make sure we can scale and continue to provide the kick-ass support that those real people deserve.

Which brings us here.  I’m excited to announce the following changes to our organization:

User Advocacy

Cheng Wang and Tyler Downer will report to Matt Grimes in the newly created User Advocacy team.  Together, they will be the killer-trio focused on reporting user feedback across Mozilla products for all release channels.  Cheng will continue to inject his expertise and insight into the team by focusing on solving the unsolvable (to others, at least) user feedback questions as our Senior Support Analyst.

Mobile & Firefox OS Support

Roland Tanglao, of Thunderbird support fame, and new hire Ralph Daub will report to Michelle Luna in the newly created Mobile and Firefox OS support team.  We are thrilled that Roland is taking on the role of Firefox for Android Support Coordinator while he transitions Thunderbird support to community contributors.  Ralph, a Brazil native with strong support chops, will specialize in Firefox OS user support as we prepare for the v1 product launch.

Desktop & Cross-Product Support

Kadir Topal, Michael Verdi, Rosana Ardila and Madalina Ana will report to Ibai Garcia in the newly created Desktop & Cross-Product support team.  With Kadir driving the product, Michael leading content management, Rosana managing the localization support community and Madalina managing the forum support community, we are sure to continue to support any user who needs help with Firefox around the world.

Please join me in congratulating Matt, Michelle, Ibai, Cheng, and Roland on their new roles, and welcome Ralph to Mozilla and the SUMO staff!  With these changes, SUMO is well-positioned to continue to delight our users — including those real people out there that have yet to discover Mozilla!