What’s Up With SUMO – Dec. 10

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  1. Bleuz00m wrote on

    Hello SUMO / Firefox / Mozilla Masters.
    After spending about six hours trying to fix conflicts involving :
    1. Win7 update , 2. Firefox 17.01 , 3. Java update , 4. Adobe Flash update , 5. Yahoo.com update(s)
    .. I believe I found one of the reasons why Adobe Flash playback continued to choke and stutter. ( This also impacts other visual playback sites including YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and live streams.)
    There appears to be embedded within some pages on Yahoo of a feed throttling line related to .js.

    If one has, say, a news story open whose URL path includes Yahoo’s ‘weather’ base, inherent in that page delivery is this: ‘…weather-today-min-675833.js&yui:3.5.1/build/yui-throttle/yui-
    throttle-min.js ‘

    Once I isolated and blocked the above line within AdBlock Plus, playback on any of the above sites is no longer impacted. Yes, I will share this with the AdBlockPlus peeps, as well.

    Hoping this might just help the SUMO team and anyone else.

    May I say again how much I LURVE Firefox? Thanks for listening.

    -Bleuz00m ( with two zeroes) // aka Amy L. Ringenbach // ringb561@yahoo.com