Firefox OS English User Guide

Today we begin a week-long celebration of our awesome Firefox OS Knowledge Base contributor community. So, I baked some brownies for all of you who contributed to any of the 16 help article sprints I’ve been hosting since last October in preparation for shipping the first Firefox OS devices. The result is a splendid Firefox OS User Guide.

brownies that say Congratulations! SUMO Firfox OS KB

As a salute to finalizing these articles for L10n, I went ahead and left in the typo! :) If only all of my typos were made of cream cheese frosting…

We started this project from nothing in October, just an outline (ok, a very large outline) of the scope of articles we should write. Today we have 50 clear, beautiful, helpful English knowledge base articles that were a collaboration between 24 KB editors and reviewers:

  • satdav
  • feer56
  • rtanglao
  • zombie
  • espressive
  • tjovanovic
  • iNerd
  • ariestiyansyah
  • yalam96
  • pychen
  • hermina_condei
  • willyaranda
  • adampeebleswrites
  • Tonnes
  • Swarnava
  • Scoobidiver
  • rnewman
  • mandel
  • bram
  • Tylerdowner
  • verdi
  • Ibai
  • KadirTopal

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has made the Firefox OS KB project a success!! This hard work is the content of the Mozilla’s Firefox OS support pages, it is the in-product Help for Firefox OS in the Settings, it is already regarded as an excellent resource by our OEM partners and our carrier partners. Please please take a moment to just absorb that and the impact your contribution will have on Firefox OS users and the Mozilla mission. It is big. You are The Best. Thank you.

2 responses

  1. Andrew (feer56) wrote on :

    WOOHOOO! Way to go everybody.

  2. Swarnava Sengupta wrote on :

    congratulation all :D