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Australis launch week starts Tuesday, April 29th!

Firefox 29 (Australis) will be launching on Tuesday so it is the perfect time to organize an Australis launch week! We’ll be answering questions in the support forum and helping each other in #sumo on IRC  from Tuesday, April 29th to Friday, May 2nd.

Join us, create an account and then take some time this week to help with unanswered questions. Please check the launch etherpad for additional tips. We’re expecting a high number of questions this week and our goal is to respond to each one of them, so please try to answer as many questions as you can throughout the following days.

Let’s do it!

2 comments on “Australis launch week starts Tuesday, April 29th!”

  1. Ashickur Rahman wrote on

    Will try to participate :)

  2. Merike wrote on

    Isn’t it April still? ;)