What’s up with SUMO – 20th February

Happy to hear you’ve all made it to the next week after last week’s Friday 13th. Here’s yet another share of news and updates from the SUMO world, for your reading & clicking pleasure.

Step by step, getting to that million Mozillians

…welcome to SUMO :-) If you’re not on the list and you joined us recently, remember to introduce yourself!

The latest SUMO Community meeting

You can find the agenda and notes here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/sumo-2015-02-16.

Remember, you can find all of our most recent videos here. As for the most recent video, it should be right below this text.

Reminder: the next SUMO Community meeting…

  • …is going to take place on Monday, 23rd February. Join us if you can!
  • If you want to add a discussion topic to the live meeting agenda:
    • Start a thread in the Community Forums, so that everyone in the community can see what will be discussed and voice their opinion here before Monday (this will make it easier to have an efficient meeting).
    • Please do so as soon as you can before the meeting, so that people have time to read, think, and reply (and also add it to the agenda).

Community shout-outs

Developer news

  • We are getting closer to launching BuddyUp. The next week will see the whole BuddyUp working group gather together in one location to hammer the final details out. In the meantime, a teaser…buddyup
  • You can find our Q2 Roadmap items in the notes & video links for the latest Platform meeting. Highlights include the article page redesign, community hub and metrics, and a project for supporting iOS users – take a look!

Forum news

Knowledge Base news

  • Help us reorganize and optimize our content by taking a short “test”. Each of the card sort exercises should take less than 5 minutes, and will inform the future topic trees. No prior knowledge of Firefox, Thunderbird or anything else required – so invite your family and friends! Take your pick or go through them all: Firefox for Android, Thunderbird, Firefox.

Firefox (+ OS, + for Android) news

  • The Firefox OS Base Image v18D is going to be released to the public fairly soon. It was added to MDN last week, but the link was removed afterwards because of issues with the image. Warning! Bluetooth is broken. Please do not flash v18D + v2.2. FxOS QA and RelEng will upload a new build when it becomes available.
  • In other “exciting and fresh code” news, Firefox For Android 36 is due next week. For now, still no Chromecast or Roku, unfortunately. Patience, it will be there, eventually – related bugs below.
  • Roland is still looking for people to work on Thunderbird Knowledge Base articles (specifically Lightning stuff)! Please contact roland (rtanglao AT mozilla.com) or just start editing the articles.

Have a great weekend and stay safe. We will be back with more SUMO goodness on Monday, as usual. Until then… Take it easy!