What’s up with SUMO – 13th March

Those Fridays keep being the 13th day of the month… What’s going on with the calendar? Never mind, here come this week’s updates from the world of SUMO!

A group of open source heroes appears on the horizon…

If you’re not on the list and you joined us recently, remember to introduce yourself – we’re happy to know you’re there!

The latest SUMO Community meeting, feat. KaiRo

You can find the agenda and notes here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/sumo-crashes-discussion, and the video below:

Reminder: the next SUMO Community meeting…

  • …is going to take place on Monday, 16th of March. Join us if you can!
  • As a rule, if you want to add a discussion topic to upcoming the live meeting agenda:
    • Start a thread in the Community Forums, so that everyone in the community can see what will be discussed and voice their opinion here before Monday (this will make it easier to have an efficient meeting).
    • Please do so as soon as you can before the meeting, so that people have time to read, think, and reply (and also add it to the agenda).

Community shout-outs

  • Thanks to everyone who helped out during the SUMO Day yesterday!

Help needed!

Developer news

Support Forum news

  • I already mentioned yesterday’s SUMO Day, and there will be a new one coming up in two weeks – so, mark your calendars on the 26th of March!

Knowledge Base news

  • Articles for Firefox 37 for Android are coming soon! We have two easy edits to grab (for anyone interested in creating the KB) – more details in the latest meetings notes (under the “Firefox Android” section)
  • The drafts for the new Information Architecture for Firefox for Android and Thunderbird will be appearing soon on our staging site.

L10n news

  • The German l10ns have reached 100% coverage for SUMO! Huge thanks to pollti, Artist & everyone else participating in that effort! Not to forget other languages at 100%: Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese – all users who read your amazing work salute you! (Of course, no rose is without its thorns – we are having some dashboard counter issues, but we are investigating what is going on and no counter should stop you from celebrating the awesome contributions you’ve been making to the KB)
  • You can take a sneak peek at the community-powered l10n document we’ll start working on soon
  • Reminder: L10n Vidyo are happening every Tuesday and Thursday in the the SUMO Vidyo room (you need to install the free Vidyo client to connect) – use the “Show another time zone” on the linked time pages to figure out your local time. Looking forward to seeing you there and chatting about SUMO l10n! (Thanks to everyone who attended so far :-))

Firefox (+ OS, + for Android) news

  • With Firefox Desktop taking some time off from hitting the news (… just wait, we’ll have something special to announce… soon!), the floor belongs to Firefox OS
  • Take a look at the Mobile World Conference media coverage roundup featuring around 550 (!) articles covering Firefox OS and Mozilla allo ver the world, e.g. Circular “Pocket Watch” with Firefox OS and Firefox OS coming to Flip phones and Slider phones, 4K Ultra High Resolution TVs. Also Firefox OS is coming to 13 markets in Africa and Middle East in a partnership with Orange.

And that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join the upcoming Community Meeting on Monday!