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Bug Triaging Day on March 18th- we need your help!

We have been discussing for a while about how the development process works in SUMO and what happens with all those bugs that are being filed. As we all know the amazing SUMO developers team is having a hard time keeping up with the huge Bugzilla backlog. This makes it difficult for everybody as new bugs are coming in and old bugs are being left open forever.

In order to help out with this process and try to speed up the implementation of some bugs we are organizing a Bug Triaging Day this Wednesday, March 18th 2015. We’re going to concentrate on closing the outdated bugs, mark duplicates and also prioritize the valid existing bugs. This is a pilot so we’re going to focus only on support forum bugs (the ones filed in the “Questions” and “Forum” components in Bugzilla)bugzilla

How will this work?

On Wednesday, March 18th at 10am UTC we’re going to start triaging the bugs listed on this spreadsheet. The process is explained below. At this is a 24 hour event you can join in any time and, just open the spreadsheet and start triaging!

How can I help?

It’s easy!! You don’t have to be a super tech person to do it,  just follow the process below:

  • Join #sumo and say hello. We will be there chatting and having tones of fun!
  • Filter spreadsheet to see oldest bugs first and start from the top. We want to deal with the oldest bugs first to get them out of the way.
  • Find a bug you want to work on and put your name in the “ASSIGNED” column so people know you are working on it.
  • When you finish working on the bug always  remember to update the “TRIAGE STATUS” in the spreadsheet to let people know you’re. You can select the options  from the dropdown:
  • If  the bug is a duplicate please mark it as such in Bugzilla and enter  “Duplicate” in the triage status column in the spreadsheet.
  • If the bug is outdated please close it and enter “Outdated” in the triage status in Bugzilla.
  • If none of the above try to reproduce the issue. THIS IS THE MOST  IMPORTANT PART. We need to make sure the issue is reproducible otherwise  the bug is invalid.
  • If you can reproduce the issue please mark in the spreadsheet as “issue still valid
  • If you cannot reproduce  the issue please comment on the bug “I cannot reproduce this, is this  still an issue?” and move to the next bug.  Please mark as “Cannot  reproduce” in the spreadsheet.
  • If you want another option just choose “Other” and leave a comment in the commnets column.
  • If  you find a bug that already has champion approval (i.e. Madalina  commented in the bug something like “we should do this”) please mark it  in the spreadsheet with a “YES” under “Champion Approval”. In this way  I will be able to prioritize it.

That’s it! Remember: open spreadsheet, pick up bug, try to reproduce issue, update triage status, move to the next bug! Easy, no?

I will be online as champion from 10 AM  to 6 PM UTC (7PM CET, 11AM PDT). I will work on triaging as well as prioritizing the bugs in  the champion’s spreadsheet. You are welcome to continue triaging after I go offline if the time suits you better!

You can find all the information about the Bug Triaging Day on this etherpad.

We have over 100 bugs that need to go through the triaging process so we need all the help we can get! Please sign up on the etherpad to let us know you’re going to join.

See you all on Wednesday!

We triage all the bugs