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SUMO l10n update

Hello, SUMO l10ns!

SUMO l10ns, represent! (lion head image by Elio Qoshi)

SUMO l10ns, represent! (lion head image by Elio Qoshi)

I wanted to share a few updates with you regarding the current state and plans for SUMO l10n – and I hope to do it more or less regularly via the blog.

  • L10n hackathons in your area

The most important piece of news first.  The core Mozilla Localization team together with the global l10n community powering Mozilla are organizing a series of localization hackathons around the world. It would be amazing to see you, SUMO localizers, join the fun!

Please check the dates below and if you see a locale that you localize in, contact the localizers organizing the event through the links below:






For the complete list of all hackathons this year, please visit the l10n blog.

I hope you can join your locale’s get-together, at the very least virtually.

  • Pontoon video tutorials

I am working on a series of short videos explaining the basics of working with Pontoon on SUMO UI localization. If you have requests about particular elements of it, let me know. The videos will be posted on our YouTube channel and included in the series of Knowledge Base articles for new localizers.

  • Milestones and dashboards

The milestones tracker has been recently updated with new data by locale leaders and localizers. Please use it every month to track the progress of your locale – it makes it much easier to prioritize and navigate the complex map of SUMO l10n :-)

We had plans to make the tracker a part of the dashboards with automatic updates depending on a locale team’s progress, but these will have to wait due to our current dearth of developers.

  • Product priorities

Firefox for Desktop remains our top priority, followed by Firefox for Android and Firefox for iOS. We are still waiting for more news regarding the future of Connected Devices, but for now Firefox OS is no longer a priority. Thunderbird’s KB is entirely in the hands of the Mozillian community.

  • Locale priorities

You have all been doing an awesome job all over the KB, but there are some locales that need a bit of helping out, for various reasons. In the upcoming months I will focus on the following locales for the following reasons:

  • pl, nl – we need more localizers for Polish! We also definitely need more localizers for Dutch, even if Tonnes and Gert are doing a great job of keeping the Dutch KB in the green all the time – they might want to go on holiday at some point (and then we’re doomed! :-))
  • trel, id, vi – Turkish is one of our most popular locales and we don’t have enough people at the moment. Same goes for Greek, Indonesian, and Vietnamese – the hunt for great localizers in these locales is on!
  • arwhile Ghaith & the Mozilla Tunisia team have kicked things off in a great way recently, we definitely don’t want to stop there. Mozilla’s software is used by many Arabic speakers and we have to make it easier to use for them in the future.
  • Questions? Let me know

As always, if you have questions about any of the above, contact me. You can also use the SUMO l10n forums, as usual.

Keep rocking the helpful web with your strong roars, l10ns!

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