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Mozilla localization hackathons in 2016

In 2015 the l10n-drivers sought out to re-unite localization communities that hadn’t had an opportunity to gather and hack on localization challenges in person in years. We created a three year plan to bring back a sense of community and collaboration that is critical to Mozilla’s ability to deliver quality localizations of Firefox and other products to users worldwide. The plan is as follows:

2015: L10n-drivers organized and led these hackathons, including most (if not all) logistics and a templated agenda for each hackathon.

2016: L10n-drivers create a hackathon schedule and plan parts of the hackathon, leaving most of the agenda and some logistics to be collaboratively planned by the l10n communities participating in each. L10n communities lead the hackathons during the event.

2017: L10n communities organize and lead l10n hackathons for their community or for multiple communities, including logistics and agenda. L10n communities invite l10n-drivers to attend the hackathons in which their presence is needed.

For those of you who attended l10n hackathons last year, you’ll remember that we had some limitations on how many people from each community could be invited, where they could be located, among others. This year, we’ve been able to make some adjustments to these limitations:

  • We’ve budgeted the ability to invite up to 4 localizers per community. These will be selected by each localization communities’ leaders and the l10n-drivers.
  • We will cover only 3 nights, 2 days (extended stays must be at localizer’s expense, including travel where possible).
  • We will either arrange for transport between airport & hotel or reimburse you the cost (not for expenses between home and airport though).
  • AirBNB is the lodging preference for the hackathons.
  • Venue must have good wifi, be easily accessible, be able to accommodate the size of the group, and contain standard ammenities (e.g., working washrooms).
  • Lodging should be within walking distance of venue.
  • Invited localizers need to be present for all scheduled hackathon activities.
  • Mozilla Reps are first source for requesting meals budget for these hackathons.
  • English is the default language of the hackathons.
  • Meals that are covered for the hackathons are 3 group dinners, 3 group breakfasts, & 2 group lunches. Any individual meal will be at your own personal expense.
  • Each hackathon’s wiki page is the single source of truth of info concerning the hackathon.
  • Telegram will be used to coordinate amongst one another during the event.

We’ve been actively working with l10n community leaders to organize hackathons within the first six months of 2016. We’re finally ready to announce the Mozilla l10n hackathon schedule for 2016! Have a look at the schedule below. If you have not yet been contacted by the l10n-drivers helping with your community’s hackathon to help plan, please reach out to them and see if there’s something you can do.



Brazil (19-22) – pt-BR
L10n-drivers(s): Jeff & Axel
Location: Belo Horizonte


Celtic (4-7) – br, cy, ga-IE, gd
L10n-driver(s): Flod & Jeff
Location: Dublin


Oaxaca (8-11) – cak, es-MX, tsz
L10n-driver(s): Jeff & Delphine
Location: Oaxaca
Nordic  (22-25) – da, fi, is, nb-NO, nn-NO, sv-SE
L10n-driver(s): Jeff & Flod
Location: Stockholm


Slavic (Apr. 29- May 2) – dsb, hsb, cs, sk, ru
L10n-driver(s): Matjaz & Gandalf (or Pei)
Location: Prague
Baltic  (May 14-15) – et, lv, lt, pl
L10n-driver(s): Axel & Stas
Location: Riga
Buenos Aires (20-23) – eo, es-AR, es-CL, gn
L10n-drivers(s): Jeff & Delphine
Location: Buenos Aires


Berlin (3-6) – de, en-GB, en-ZA, fy-NL, nl, uk
L10n-driver(s): Axel & Pei
Location: Berlin


Balkans (8-11) – bg, bs, el, hr, hu, hy-AM, mk, ro, sl, sr
L10n-driver(s): Matjaz, Flod, Stas, & Delphine
Location: Ljubljana


East Asian (22-25) – ja, ko, zh-CN, zh-TW
L10n-driver(s): Arky, Pei
Location:  Taipei
Southeast Asia (26-29) – id, km, ms, th, tl, vi
L10n-driver(s): Arky, Pei
Location: Kuala Lumpur


Istanbul  (16-19) – az, ka, kk, tr, uz
L10n-driver(s): Flod & Matjaz
Location: Istanbul
Indic (23-26) – as, bn(2), gu, hi, kn, mai, ml, mr, np, or, pa si, ta, te
L10n-driver(s): Axel, Jeff, Arky, Pei
Location: Delhi


RTL (Sept. 30 – Oct. 3) – ar, fa, he, ur
L10n-driver(s): Arky, Delphine, Pei, Stas, Gandalf
Location: Doha
Africa (TBD) – ach, af, bm, ff, lg, mg, son, xh, wo
L10n-driver(s): Arky & Pei
Location: TBD


Paris (4-7) – an, ast, ca, eu, gl, es-ES, fr, it, lij, pt-PT, rm
L10n-driver(s): Delphine, Flod, Pascal, Gandalf
Location: Paris

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