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L10n invitations to Mozilla All Hands

Twice per year, Mozillians from around the world meet together for a week to work closely on projects that have a high-level impact. We also learn about new directions in the Mozilla vision and the roles that we play in that vision.

We (the l10n-drivers) have the pleasure of selecting Mozillians in the l10n community to join us for specific projects at each of these All Hands work weeks. The way it works is like this:

  1. The Platform group (l10n is part of Platform) is given a budget and a number of Mozillians we can select to come to All Hands to collaborate on specific projects with us about 3-4 months in advance.
  2. We determine which projects we will focus on during our time together and make goals for what we’ll accomplish in those projects during the week.
  3. Once the projects are decided, we identify Mozillians who are actively contributing to those projects we want to tackle at All Hands.
  4. We then follow a similar process to the process we use to invite Mozillians to the l10n hackathons we organize by asking ourselves this series of questions about those Mozillians we’ve identified:
    1. Who is most engaged in the specific l10n infrastructure projects we’ll be working on at All Hands (for example, Transvision, Pootle dev, etc.)?
    2. Who will be able to represent a particular l10n perspective when involved in cross-functional area meetings (for example, who can contribute code to implementing RTL support in Fennec)?
    3. Who is tuned into the global l10n community and can represent their viewpoints in l10n conversations?
    4. Who is currently working in l10n and other functional areas of Mozilla and would benefit from meeting with multiple teams in a Work Week?
    5. Who can participate best within the l10n agenda and goals that we hope to accomplish during this specific Work Week?

How can I apply or be nominated to go to All Hands for l10n?

There is no self-nomination or application process. We support the Participation Team’s “open nominations” program, which engages with global community leaders to nominate members of their community who seek to deepend their participation within the Mozilla project. We will be part of the nomination review process here. During that process, we’ll apply our selection criteria (mentioned above) for All-Hands Work Weeks to those of you who apply for the program.

We look forward to seeing a many localizer nominations to this “open nominations” program. If any of you have questions about this, please feel free to ask. We’re always interested in improving our selection criteria for these opportunities and we attempt to improve and iterate where we’re falling short. Feel free to reach out to us if you have ideas on how we can iterate and improve here.

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