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Announcing top-voted features and an opportunity to vote on more

Last spring we ran a survey among active Pontoon users in order to get a clearer picture of how they use (or don’t use) notifications. One of the questions was which new notification features we should develop. The following three received the most votes from the 169 participants of the survey:

1. Link “new string” notifications to missing strings.
2. Send notifications about pending suggestions to reviewers.
3. Add ability to opt-out of specific notifications types.

Thanks to eemeli, the first item was resolved back in August. The second feature has also been implemented, which means that every Friday reviewers receive notifications about newly created unreviewed suggestions within the last week. And finally, you can now opt-out of notifications in your user settings. Note however that you’ll still be receiving notifications sent by project managers.

You can now opt-out of specific notification types in user settings.

Vote for new Pontoon features for H1 2022

We’ve now started working on Pontoon Roadmap for the first half of year 2022 and we’d like to commit to implement at least 3 features voted by Pontoon users.

Please let us know how important for you are the features listed below in a quick 5-minute survey:

  • Add a light theme (details).
  • Make keyboard shortcuts customizable per user (details).
  • Add virtual keyboard with special characters to the editor, customizable per locale (details).
  • Notify suggestion authors when their suggestions get reviewed (details).
  • Add “Copy translation from another locale as suggestion” batch action to simplify translation of similar locales (details).
  • Pre-fill editor with 100% Translation Memory matches when available (details).
  • Expose team managers on team dashboards to help users get in touch with them more easily (details).
  • Add a badge to new users’ avatars (details).
  • When new users make their first contribution, provide them with (team-specific) guidelines (details).
  • Link project names in Concordance search results to corresponding strings in translate view (details).

At the end of the survey you’ll be able to add your own ideas, which you are always welcome to submit on GitHub.

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