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Vote for new Pontoon features

It’s been a while since we have asked Pontoon users what new features should we develop, which is why we have decided to run another survey now.

But first, let’s take a look at the top-voted features from the last round that are all live now:

  1. Provide new contributors with guidelines before adding their first suggestion (details).
  2. Notify suggestion authors when their suggestions get reviewed (details).
  3. Pre-fill editor with 100% Translation Memory matches when available (details).

In addition to those, we also implemented a couple of features that didn’t make it into top 3:

  • Expose managers on team dashboards to help users get in touch with them easily (details).
  • Add a light theme (details).

You asked, we listened! 🙂

2024 Survey

It’s now time to vote again! We’re working on Pontoon Roadmap for 2024 and we commit to implement at least 3 top-voted features by Pontoon users.

Please let us know by December 11 how important for you are the features listed below in this quick 5-minute survey:

  • Add virtual keyboard with special characters to the editor, customizable per locale (details).
  • Add “Copy translation from another locale as suggestion” batch action (details).
  • Link project names in Concordance search results to their corresponding strings (details).
  • Add ability to edit Translation Memory entries (details).
  • Add ability to propose new Terminology entries (details).
  • Improve overall performance of Pontoon translation workspace and dashboards (details).
  • Add ability to preview Fluent strings in the editor (details).
  • Add ability to receive automated notifications via email (details).
  • Add ability to read notifications one by one, or mark notifications as unread (details).
  • Add Timeline tab with activity to Project, Locale, ProjectLocale dashboards (details).

Note that at the end of the survey you will be able to add your own ideas, which you are always welcome to submit on GitHub.

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