2024 Pontoon survey results

The results from the 2024 Pontoon survey are in and the 3 top-voted features we commit to implement are:

  1. Add ability to edit Translation Memory entries (611 votes).
  2. Improve performance of Pontoon translation workspace and dashboards (603 votes).
  3. Add ability to propose new Terminology entries (595 votes).

The remaining features ranked as follows:

  1. Add ability to preview Fluent strings in the editor (572 votes).
  2. Link project names in Concordance search results to corresponding strings (540 votes).
  3. Add “Copy translation from another locale as suggestion” batch action (523 votes).
  4. Add ability to receive automated notifications via email (521 votes).
  5. Add Timeline tab with activity to Project, Locale, ProjectLocale dashboards (501 votes).
  6. Add ability to read notifications one by one, or mark notifications as unread (495 votes).
  7. Add virtual keyboard with special characters to the editor (469 votes).

We thank everyone who dedicated their time to share valuable responses and suggest potential features for us to consider implementing!

A total of 365 Pontoon users participated in the survey, 169 of which voted on all features. Each user could give each feature 1 to 5 votes. Check out the full report.

We look forward to implementing these new features and working towards a more seamless and efficient translation experience with Pontoon. Stay tuned for updates!

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