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Q3 2019 objectives for Mozilla localization

Every three months, the l10n-drivers dedicate a couple of weeks to review progress made on objectives from the past three months (or quarter) and plan new objectives for the next quarter. Historically, we haven’t published much about these objectives, but that’s something I intend to change with this blog post. Transparency is a priority to this team and as such, I plan to discuss more openly the non-confidential, ongoing work that the team is undertaking with each quarter.

Internally, we follow a goal-setting methodology known as OKR (Objective, Key Result). OKRs are intended to be set at each level of an organization. Team OKRs should naturally nest themselves into higher level OKRs. According to this methodology, a team identifies a vision statement (aka Objective) and then 2-5 metrics to determine whether that vision has been met (aka Key Results). Teams try to limit their Objectives to only 3-5 for a specified period of time (in our case, three months). Once these OKRs are set, the team undertakes various initiatives/projects to accomplish the metrics set in each Key Result.

Today, we’ve wrapped up OKR planning for Q3 2019 (July – September) and I’d like to share with you what our core focus will be for the next three months (in no order of priority):

By the end of Q3 we can…

Objective: Optimize the localization vendor workflow for internal teams.

As measured by…

  • Finalize onboarding and implementation for 2 existing translation vendors.
  • Develop and implement 4 content system connectors for automated retrieval and delivery of source and target language content.
  • Perform and document workflow discovery for 8 internal teams.

Objective: Measure locale manager engagement to discover sustainability threats for intervention.

As measured by…

  • 30% of total Pontoon managers self-report performance on responsibilities & expectations.
  • Define 5 manager-related sustainability threats to create automated reports in Pontoon.
  • Compare self-reported perspectives with data perspectives for 5 locales.

Objective: Be ready to rapidly develop and test new features in the Pontoon translation workbench.

As measured by…

  • Run 2 staged rollouts of Translate.Next, addressing 100% of critical regressions in each rollout.
  • Bring list P2/P3 bugs to 0.

Objective: Scale for the growing Fluent community.

As measured by…

  • Three Fluent implementations have a stable and consistent FluentBundle API.
  • Text elements and 30% of placeables have test coverage in the form of implementation-agnostic testing fixtures.
  • Define two tiers of Fluent support for adoption by two non-Mozilla l10n tools.

Objective: Communicate data around Skyline (Firefox milestone release) l10n status to stakeholders.

As measured by…

  • 50% of Skyline project one-page descriptions have word count estimates and content timelines.
  • 75% of Skyline marketing project vendor reporting is captured in vendor TMS.
  • Unified dashboard reports on status of Skyline product UI content localization for 2 products.

At the end of Q3, I plan to report on our progress on each of these, noting which were achieved, which were dropped, and which may carry over into Q4. If you have any questions about these, please reach out to the l10n-drivers.

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