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L10n report: July edition

Please note some of the information provided in this report may be subject to change as we are sometimes sharing information about projects that are still in early stages and are not final yet. 


New localizers

Are you a locale leader and want us to include new members in our upcoming reports? Contact us!

New community/locales added

  • Manx was added to Pontoon and they’re starting to work on localizing Firefox.

New content and projects

What’s new or coming up in Firefox desktop

As usual, let’s start with some important dates:

  • Firefox 68 will be released on July 9. At that point, Firefox 69 will be in beta, while Nightly will have Firefox 70.
  • The deadline to ship localization updates in Firefox 69 is August 20.

Firefox 69 has been a lightweight release in terms of new strings, with most of the changes coming from Developer Tools. Expect a lot more content in Firefox 70, with particular focus on the Password Manager – integrating most of the Lockwise add-on features directly into Firefox – and work around Tracking Protection and Security, with brand new about pages.

What’s new or coming up in mobile

Since our last report, we’ve shipped the first release of Firefox Preview (Fenix) in 11 languages (including en-US). The next upcoming step will be to open up the project to more locales. If you are interested, make sure to follow closely the dev.l10n mailing list this week. And congratulations to the teams that helped make this a successful localized first release!

On another note, Firefox for iOS deadline for l10n work on v18 just passed this week, and we’re adding two new locales: Finnish and Gujarati. Congratulations to the teams!

What’s new or coming up in web projects

Keep brand and product names in English

The current policy per branding and legal teams is that the trademarked names should be left unchanged. Unless indicated in the comments, brand names should be left in English, they cannot be transliterated or declined. If you have any doubt, ask through the available communication channels.

Product names such as Lockwise, Monitor, Send, and Screenshot, to name a few, used alone or with Firefox, should be left unchanged. Common Voice is also a product name and should remain unchanged. Pocket is a trademark and must remain as is too. Locale managers, please inform the rest of the communities on the policy especially to new contributors. Search in Pontoon or Transvision for these names and revert them to English.

The recently added new pages contain marketing languages to promote all the Firefox products. Localize them and start spreading the words on social media and other platforms. The deadline is indicative.

  • New: firefox/best-browser.lang, firefox/campaign-trailhead.lang, firefox/all-unified.lang;
  • Update: firefox/accounts-2019.lang;
  • Obsolete: firefox/accounts.lang will be removed soon. Stop working on this page if is incomplete.

What’s new or coming up in SuMo

Newly published localizer facing documentation

The Firefox marketing guides are living documents and will be updated as needed.

  • The guide in German was written by Mozilla staff copywriter. It sets the tone for marketing content localization, including the site. With this guide, the hope is that the site has a more unified tone from page to page, regardless of who contributed to the localization: the community or a staff.
  • The guide in English was derived from the guide written in German and is meant to be a template for any communities who want to create a marketing content localization guide. This is in addition to the style guide a community has already created.
  • The guide in French will be authored by a Mozilla staff copywriter. We will update you in a future report.


  • Want to showcase an event coming up that your community is participating in? Reach out to any l10n-driver and we’ll include that (see links to emails at the bottom of this report)

Useful Links

Questions? Want to get involved?

Did you enjoy reading this report? Let us know how we can improve by reaching out to any one of the l10n-drivers listed above.

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