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What’s up with SUMO – June 2021

Hey SUMO folks,

Welcome to the month of June 2021. A new mark for Firefox with the release of Firefox 89. Lots of excitement and anticipation for the changes.

Let’s see what we’re up to these days!

Welcome on board!

  1. Welcome and thanks to TerryN21 and Mamoon for being active in the forum.

Community news

  • June is the month of Major Release 1 (MR1) or commonly known as Proton release. We have prepared a spreadsheet to list down the changes for this release, so you can easily find the workarounds, related bugs, and common responses for each issue. You can join Firefox 89 discussion in this thread and find out about our tagging plan here.
  • If an advanced topic like pref modification in the about:config is something that you’re interested in, please join our discussion in this community thread. We talked about how we can accommodate this in a more responsible and safer way without harming our normal users.
  • What do you think of supporting Firefox users on Facebook? Join our discussion here.
  • We said goodbye to Joni last month and Madalina has also bid farewell to us in our last community call (though she’ll stay until the end of the quarter). It’s sad to let people go, but we know that changes are normal and expected. We’re grateful for what both Joni and Madalina have done in SUMO and hope the best for whatever comes next for them.
  • Another reminder to check out Firefox Daily Digest to get daily updates about Firefox. Go check it out and subscribe if you haven’t already.
  • There’s only one update from our dev team in the past month:

Community call

  • Find out what we talked about in our community call in May.
  • Reminder: Don’t hesitate to join the call in person if you can. We try our best to provide a safe space for everyone to contribute. You’re more than welcome to lurk in the call if you don’t feel comfortable turning on your video or speaking up. If you feel shy to ask questions during the meeting, feel free to add your questions on the contributor forum in advance, or put them in our Matrix channel, so we can address them during the meeting.

Community stats


KB Page views

Month Page views Vs previous month
May 2021 7,601,709 -13.02%

Top 5 KB contributors in the last 90 days: 

  1. AliceWyman
  2. Jeff
  3. Michele Rodaro
  4. Underpass
  5. Marchelo Ghelman

KB Localization

Top 10 locale based on total page views

Locale Apr 2021 page views Localization progress (per Jun, 3)
de 10.05% 99%
zh-CN 6.82% 100%
es 6.71% 42%
pt-BR 6.61% 65%
fr 6.37% 86%
ja 4.33% 53%
ru 3.54% 95%
it 2.28% 98%
pl 2.17% 84%
zh-TW 1.04% 6%

Top 5 localization contributor in the last 90 days: 

  1. Milupo
  2. Artist
  3. Markh2
  4. Soucet
  5. Goudron

Forum Support

Forum stats

Month Total questions Answer rate within 72 hrs Solved rate within 72 hrs Forum helpfulness
Jun 2021 3091 65.97% 13.62% 63.64%

Top 5 forum contributor in the last 90 days: 

  1. Cor-el
  2. FredMcD
  3. Jscher2000
  4. Seburo
  5. Databaseben

Social Support

Channel May 2021
Total conv Conv handled
@firefox 4012 212
@FirefoxSupport 367 267

Top 5 contributors in Q1 2021

  1. Christophe Villeneuve
  2. Md Monirul Alom
  3. Devin E
  4. Andrew Truong
  5. Dayana Galeano

Play Store Support

We don’t have enough data for the Play Store Support yet. However, you can check out the overall Respond Tool metrics here.

Product updates

Firefox desktop

  • Fx 89 / MR1 released (June 1)
    • BIG THANKS – to all the contributors who helped with article revisions, localization, and for the help with ongoing MR1 Rapid Feedback Collection reporting
  • Fx 90 (July 13)
    • Background update Agents
    • SmartBlock UI improvements
    • About:third-party addition

Firefox mobile

  • Fx for Android 89 (June 1)
    • Improved menus
    • Redesigned Top Sites
    • Easier access to Synced Tabs
  • Fx for iOS V34 (June 1)
    • Updated Look
    • Search enhancements
    • Tab improvements
  • Fx for Android 90 (July 13th)
    • CC autocomplete

Other products / Experiments

  • Sunset of Firefox lite (June 1)
    • Effective June 30, this app will no longer receive security or other updates. Get the official Firefox Android app now for a fast, private & safe web browser
  • Mozilla VPN V2.3 (June 8)
    • Captive Portal Alerts
  • Mozilla VPN V2.4 (July 14)
    • Split tunneling for Windows
    • Local DNS: user settings for local dns server


  • Thanks to Danny Colin and Monirul Alom for helping with the MR1 feedback collection project! 🙌

If you know anyone that we should feature here, please contact Kiki, and we’ll make sure to add them in our next edition.

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