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Introducing Smith Ellis

Hi everybody,

I’m so happy to introduce our latest addition to the Customer Experience team. Smith Ellis is going to join forces with Tasos and Ryan to develop our support platform. It’s been a while since we got more than 2 engineers on the team, so I’m personally excited to see what we can unlock with more engineers.

Here’s a bit of an intro from Smith:

Hello Mozillians!  I’m Smith Ellis, and I’m joining the Customer Experience team as a Software Engineer. I’m more than happy to be here. I’ve held many technical and management roles in the past and have found that doing work that makes a difference is what makes me happy. My main hobbies are electronics, music, video games, programming, welding and playing with my kids.

I look forward to meeting you and making a difference with Mozilla.

Please join me to congratulate and welcome Smith into our SUMO family!