Add-ons Update – Week of 2013/10/09

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world.

The Review Queues

  • Most nominations for full review are taking less than 4 weeks to review.
  • Most updates are being reviewed within 4 weeks.
  • Most preliminary reviews are being reviewed within 4 weeks.

These stats are taken from the last queue report:

  • 87 nominations in the queue awaiting review.
  • 70 updates in the queue awaiting review.
  • 87 preliminary review submissions in the queue awaiting review.

If you’re an add-on developer and would like to see add-ons reviewed faster, please consider joining us. Add-on reviewers get invited to Mozilla events and earn cool gear with their work. Visit our wiki page for more information.

Firefox 25 Compatibility

The compatibility blog post for Firefox 25 is up, and the compatibility bump for AMO add-ons will be run in the coming weeks.

As usual we recommend using the Aurora and Beta branches to test your add-ons ahead of time.

2 comments on “Add-ons Update – Week of 2013/10/09”

  1. rickshaw wrote on

    A better link for the link “clear all current history” link.
    I’m kind of tired going through the mundane process of getting to this link each time I use firefox daily.
    I think as its such a popular practice to do, well to me it is, this link needs to able to be used as an addon, so we can place in the front view of Firefox, alongside stuff, like home, refresh, etc.
    I can not see why this would be a problem to do, if you have this link in place in Options/Privacy area, why it can not be used as a moveable one in the front panel of Firefox, to make a ease of use, instead of having to go through the “tree” options/privacy etc. I know this is minimal practice to do, but after or when you use this everytime its very mundane after a while. I know you have option of “when firefox closes” but some people prefer to do or see this done manually.
    once you used the setup in options and choose what you want saved etc, that link “clear all current history” should also work just as well as an option to be placed on the front panel of firefox just as well.
    Is there any chance of making this able to done?
    I looked at trying to do the code for it but as you guys are coders I can’t really see this being a problem to do.

    1. Jorge Villalobos wrote on

      There are a bunch of add-ons that help you clean up your history more easily, if you are so inclined.