December 2014 Featured Add-ons

Pick of the Month: Location Bar Enhancer

by Girish Sharma

Modifies the Location Bar of Firefox into a breadcrumb display with rich and interactive features.

“I absolutely LOVE the page loading progress bar animation. It absolutely modernizes Firefox, especially when combines with Australis curved tabs in Firefox 29. Looks very slick (and very useful)!”

Also Featured

Amazon “Add to Wish List” Button by Amazon Wish List
Official Amazon Add-on. Add anything from any website to your Amazon Wish List!

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4 comments on “December 2014 Featured Add-ons”

  1. Philip wrote on


    THE NAME IS “Amazon add to wish list”


    Please correct the error

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Thanks for the catch! It’s been corrected.

  2. Wooju wrote on

    Hi, I have one little question about firefox. Well.. its not about add-ons or similar things.
    My question is, ” What is your, Firefox’s mascort character? ”
    literally fox on fire? or red panda? your icon’s image looks like fox on fire more than red panda.
    could you send me an answer to that E-mail address? thanks.

  3. GreyCampus wrote on

    My personal favourite has always been DownThemAll!