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Greetings from Argentina!

Editor’s Note: I’d like to share another guest post from one of our international community members — Guillermo Movia of Mozilla Argentina. They’ve been doing a great job localizing Firefox and other Mozilla products, as well as spreading the word and helping more people get involved with Mozilla! Mary Colvig

After a visit from Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s community director, a group of us, including those who helped organize Asa’s visit and translators who had localized Mozilla’s applications, decided to build up Argentina’s Mozilla Community. Our goal is promote the use of Mozilla’s products, as well as the Open Web and open standards. We translate Firefox and Thunderbird, and are now starting with Sunbird and Seamonkey.

Guillermo Movia & Felipe Lerena at CDC UNLUX 2007On October 5th and 6th , the Cafeconf conference took place in Buenos Aires, and we committed our efforts to be there. Cafeconf is the most important conference devoted to free software in Buenos Aires. Though we didn’t have much time to prepare for the event, off we went and the outcome was really positive. We had a lot of chats with people from different cities in the country, and Felipe Lerena gave a presentation to 50 people on developing websites using Firebug and Firefox. We also had the chance to talk with people working on other projects, which helped us start developing a new Firefox add-on.

Thanks to the Firefox and Mozilla products that the Mozilla sent us (also thanks to Mary Colvig and Asa Dotzler), we distributed pins, stickers, posters and Firefox tattoos, which were hot stuff at Cafeconf. (We were like Santa Claus bringing gifts to the community :-P).

Now, we wish to have our website up soon in order to spread Mozilla’s applications, and recruit more people to the Argentine community to test the translated applications, to help us with new add-ons and to continue spreading the Open Web and the open standards.

Thanks for all your support!

Argentina’s Mozilla Community