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Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest: The Clock is Ticking!

The Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest is drawing to a close! You can still submit your entry, but time is running out – the deadline is this Sunday, March 16.

We’ve already received close to 1,200 submissions and have created a community of over 2,800 members on the Flickr contest group! There are many great designs in the image pool and we’re proud of the creative talent that has come through so far. The winning design, as chosen by the Mozilla community, will be featured in the Mozilla Store as the official Firefox 3 t-shirt.

Please make sure to read the submission and design guidelines on the contest website carefully when creating your artwork. I also encourage you to join the Flickr group FF3 T-Shirt Design Contest to view the current submissions and to get more detailed information about the contest posted on the discussion boards.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


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