Congratulations! “Fox For All” Wins Impact Mozilla

Mozilla is proud to announce “Fox For All” as the grand prize winner of Impact Mozilla.  “Fox For All” was authored by Phani Kumar Vadrevu and Uttam Byragoni of India.

In total, more than 5,000 people cast a vote for their favorite plan.  While “Fox For All” received the most votes, there were several finalists who finished as close runners-up: “How Do You Firefox?” finished in 2nd place (Chicago Booth student team), “Surf On Your Own Turf” finished in 3rd (Haas business school student team), and “My Firefox” by Bruno Fleurquin of France came in 4th.

We’re extremely grateful to all ten finalists.  The degree of hard work and the diversity of ideas contributed by the teams far exceeded all expectations.  Impact Mozilla also succeeded in reaching out to groups not traditionally part of the Mozilla community (e.g., MBA students).

So, where do we go from here?

With respect to our winner, we’ll soon start engaging with Phani and Uttam to discuss possibilities for the implementation of their plan.  For our other finalists, we’ll be sending out swag as a token of our appreciation.  Impact Mozilla has been a wild success, and it couldn’t have happened without the enthusiasm of the community and strong efforts by all participants.

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