A new look for Spread Firefox


Tonight we unveiled a new design for Spread Firefox, Mozilla’s community marketing home. With the new layout and design, we’re striving to make the site more engaging and reflective of the great personalities behind Firefox grassroots marketing. The inspiration behind the design is a community bulletin board, appropriately! At the same time, we’re trying to make it more straightforward for users to figure out what to do and where to go next when they come to the site. Here’s a recap of the major improvements.

This was a massive group effort and a huge thanks is owed to:

  • Alex Buchanan
  • Jamey Boje
  • Stephen Donner
  • Krupa Raj
  • Akash Desai
  • Paul Booker
  • Otto de Voogd
  • Lucy Connor
  • Alix Franquet
  • Neil Lee
  • Ken Saunders
  • Paul Kim
  • Jay Patel
  • Aravind Gottipati
  • Matthew Zeier
  • Jeremy Orem
  • The Royal Order (our designers!)

Do you want to help too? Here’s how:

  • Join Spread Firefox or get your friends to
  • Start or contribute to a project
  • Become a Spread Firefox affiliate
  • Join the Spread Firefox team list for updates and opportunities to help with the site

Enjoy and stay tuned for opportunities to participate in the Firefox 3.5 launch on Spread Firefox!

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