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Firefox 3.5 beta users will receive update to early release candidate

Editor’s note: Mozilla released an update to an early release candidate for Firefox 3.5 beta users on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 12:11 am PT. Check out the Mozilla Developer News announcement, reposted below, for more details.

Please note: beta and release candidate versions of Firefox 3.5 are intended for developer testing and community feedback. If this makes you nervous, we recommend that you wait for the official Firefox 3.5 release, which is coming soon and will be available at

Our 800,000+ Firefox 3.5 beta users will be receiving an update to the first Firefox 3.5 release candidate (3.5rc1build2) in order to continue to help us with daily testing and public feedback. This update contains bug fixes which will be included in the final release of Firefox 3.5, expected later this month. While Mozilla has not yet completed the quality assurance testing required before an official product release, this update is considered stable for daily browsing use and we appreciate your assistance in helping us test and evaluate this version of the release candidate.

If you’re running a beta version of Firefox 3.5, you should be receiving the update automatically within the next 24 hours. To get the update immediately, select “Check for Updates…” in the “Help” menu.

This version is not yet being made available for direct download. If you’re not yet a Firefox 3.5 Beta tester, we recommend that you wait for the upcoming Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate, which should be released on our website within the next week. If you’d like to become a beta tester for Firefox 3.5 and subsequent releases, please feel free to install the latest available beta and then manually “Check for Updates…” in the “Help” menu.

(Developers should also read the Firefox 3.5 for Developers article on the Mozilla Developer Center.)

Note: We strongly encourage bloggers and media to link to this Firefox 3.5 Beta User update announcement so that everyone will know what this update is, what they should expect, and who should be downloading to participate in testing at this stage of development.

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