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Introducing our new CEO: Gary Kovacs

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Gary Kovacs as our new CEO. His first day will be November 8th.

Gary’s appointment as CEO comes as part of a planned leadership transition that we announced earlier this year.

For more information on Gary’s appointment, please see the following posts:

Welcome Gary Kovacs by Mitchell Baker

Introducing Gary by John Lilly

In November we will schedule a series of events around the world for community and others to have an opportunity to meet and talk with Gary.

Tomorrow at 10am PT we will be hosting a community Q&A with Mitchell Baker to talk about Gary’s appointment.  More details at:

Background on Gary Kovacs

Gary Kovacs is the CEO of Mozilla Corporation with the responsibility for leading the overall direction of the organization and the Firefox Web browser.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Gary held senior leadership roles as Senior VP of Markets, Solutions & Products at Sybase (through its acquisition by SAP earlier this year), as General Manager and VP of Mobile & Devices at Adobe and as VP of Product Marketing at Macromedia (through its acquisition by Adobe).

Previously, he led the successful creation and growth of Zi Corporation, a company specializing in embedded software and services for mobile and consumer devices.

Prior to Zi Corporation, Gary spent 10 years at IBM in leadership positions in product management, sales, marketing and operations within the global software division.

He holds a bachelor of commerce and an MBA with distinction, from the  University of Calgary.

Once Gary officially starts in November he’ll be reachable at and on Twitter @mozillaGary

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