Mozilla in Mobile – the Web is the Platform

This week we are in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2012, the mobile industry’s largest trade show. Our goal is to meet with industry operators, vendors and developers to further the cause of promoting an open, people-centric Web for consumers and developers across all devices and platforms.

Today, we announced several significant milestones in the advancement toward these goals. The first, was Telefónica’s support for the creation of open Web devices based on our Boot to Gecko project. Also supporting the project are industry leaders, Adobe and Qualcomm. Together, we are committed to driving forward the adoption of HTML5 as a viable platform option for the mobile industry.

In a joint press conference, Telefónica revealed their intention to work with us to deliver the very first open Web devices in 2012. These devices, architected entirely on the Web and built based on an HTML5 stack with powerful Web APIs, will mean significant advances in speed and cost reduction for mobile devices in
the future. Attendees at the press conference were able to see a sneak preview of what is possible with HTML5 open Web technologies powering entire mobile device functions and experiences.

Mozilla is delighted to also announce Deutsche Telekom’s support of an open Web platform. Specifically, Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Labs will join the Boot to Gecko project with dedicated development resources, and is evaluating further steps based on our common experience.

This week Mozilla is previewing open Web apps and Mozilla Marketplace, enabling the creation and distribution of apps powered by open Web standards like HTML5, CSS and JavasScript. We are also previewing Persona, the first identity system truly of the Web, including Browser ID. Each offering represents the latest tools available to developers and users to take control of their online lives.

Since the beginning, it has been our mission as an organization to develop and bring about a completely open and standards-based Web as a platform for innovation. Mozilla’s latest innovations are being proposed to the W3C for standardization, helping us move the needle to advance the Web and make it a more people-centric experience for all.

As the Mozilla community has always known – the Web is the platform.

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