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Launching Maker Party 2013

Let’s get this party started! Mozilla has officially kicked off Maker Party 2013! For the next three months, people around the world will meet up at great events, make cool stuff and share it all online.

The goal: host a worldwide party celebrating all the amazing things we can make and learn thanks to the web.

The web gives us all the chance to be creators, makers and inventors. Maker Party is about joining thousands of people across the globe to make something amazing, teach each other new skills, and have a great time doing it.”
— Mark Surman, Mozilla’s Executive Director

Maker Party event in Pune, India (June 15)

Now to September 15: join or host your own event

The party’s already happening. This past June 15 was Maker Party’s opening weekend, and participants got together at schools, parks, temples, shopping mall food courts and more, organizing their own hack jams, meet-ups and code parties. They made everything from interactive videos about their favorite foods to web pages about their hometown to instructions for building your own bottle rocket.

Want to join in the fun? You can find a Maker Party event near you — or host your event now using these easy Maker Party event guides. You can also dive in by yourself right now, using Webmaker tools like Thimble and Popcorn Maker to make or remix your own project, then tag it with #MakerParty to connect with other participants around the globe.

Party partners

Hosted in partnership with the National Writing Project and the MacArthur Foundation, Maker Party partners are helping us offer a truly diverse range of events. From CERN’s Citizen Cyberspace Centre and the New York Hall of Science to Girls Learning Code and IndieWebCamp, this is a big tent for everyone interested in making and learning together.

Maker Party event page

Get involved

Maker Party runs from now until September 15. Visit to: