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WebRTC Now Available Across Mobile and Desktop with new Firefox for Android Compatibility

We are excited to announce that WebRTC, a new HTML5 API that enables real-time communication, such as video calling in the browser, has come to your favorite mobile browser — Firefox for Android!  Now developers can start to create real-time web experiences on the mobile platform that work on both desktop and mobile.

All three WebRTC components are supported in Firefox for Android:

  • getUserMedia (gUM), which provides access to the user’s webcam and microphone
  • PeerConnection, which enables calls from one browser to another
  • DataChannels, which establishes peer-to-peer data transfer between browsers

WebRTC has been available in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux since June and today we add Android to our products that support WebRTC.  This Hacks post  has more details for developers who want to learn more about this awesome new HTML5 feature that has just come to Firefox Android.

We can’t wait to see what cool new experiences leveraging WebRTC that developers will create.

– Maire Reavy, Senior Engineering Manager, WebRTC