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MWC Update – Question Closed

The Firefox stand has been crowded and loud this week, but the most clear voice from our floor has been a single chorus of collaboration.

Our celebration of 16 launches across 15 countries with four global operators and as many device partners reflects not only what we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months, but how we’ve done it as well — as a collection of contributors across companies who believe passionately about opening access to the opportunities of a digital life.

As Mozilla innovates and advocates for the technology that brings the Open Web to mobile, we also advance the tenets of an open source community — enabling, contributing, supporting and sharing the knowledge to move our mission forward together. As our environment has expanded from desktop to mobile we’ve discovered Mozillians in unexpected places who also believe in the possibility of, and potential for people, both individually and collectively.

The Future of Firefox OS, demonstrated in the Fox Den at MWC 2014

The Future of Firefox OS, demonstrated in the Fox Den at MWC 2014

Together, we see a path out of the old and into the new. We envision an open exchange that not only allows interaction over the Web, but through the Web. The latest in our short films from MWC captures the passions of people who are bringing the future to life through this progressive process:

Please watch it and then ask yourselves how your experience with Mozilla reflects the relational elements of an open source project: enabling, contributing, supporting and sharing knowledge.

One more to come as we close an exceptional week.

Thanks again

Pete Scanlon
Acting Chief Marketing Officer