Mozilla Awards Nearly $300,000 to Research Grant Winners

We’re happy to announce the results of the Mozilla Research Grant program for the first half of 2017. This was a competitive process, and after three rounds of judging, we settled on funding nine proposals in five countries for a total of $299,444. These projects support Mozilla’s mission to make the internet safer, more empowering and more accessible.

The Mozilla Research Grants program is part of Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies charter to explore the future of the open internet, and reflects Mozilla’s commitment to open innovation, as well as accelerating our own research. As such, these grants include research supporting our core projects like Firefox and Rust, as well as exploring new domains for the future of the Internet.

Cosmin Munteanu University of Toronto Mississauga Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology A safer Internet for the socially-isolated and digitally-marginalized older adults
Eelke Folmer University of Nevada, Reno Computer Science and Engineering Understanding Gender Differences in VR Locomotion Interfaces
Ethan Hanner University of Colorado Boulder Computer Science Understanding Perceptions of Ethics in Hacktivism
J. Shane Culpepper RMIT University School of Science (Computer Science) Efficient and Effective Multi-Stage Retrieval in Rust
James Clawson Indiana University Bloomington School of Informatics and Computing Designing aurally distinct audio corpora for use in eyes-free text entry evaluations.
Karen Louise Smith Brock University Communication, Popular Culture & Film Add-ons for Privacy: Open Source Advocacy Tactics for Internet Health
Kenneth Heafield University of Edinburgh School of Informatics Open Data: Mining Translations and Transcripts from the Web
Louise Barkhuus The IT University of Copenhagen Department of Digital Design Understanding and encouraging grade school girls’ interest in in computer programing
Taesoo Kim Georgia Tech Computer Science Designing New Operating Primitives to Improve Fuzzing Performance

Congratulations to all successfully funded applicants! The 2017H2 round of grant proposals will open in early August and be due September 1st.

Sean White, Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies, Mozilla
Jofish Kaye, Principal Research Scientist, Emerging Technologies, Mozilla