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How Do You Feel About Facebook? Take the Survey.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about how 50 million Facebook users had their information used by Cambridge Analytica, a private company, without their knowledge.


The conversation since — both online and off — has been all over the board. Some people were not at all surprised by the story, saying this has been common practice for a while. Others were shocked, worried their personal information could be used for nefarious purposes. And still others seem not to really notice the news at all.

Which left us wondering, how do most people feel about this news and about Facebook in general? We put together a fun, quick survey to try and find out how people are feeling right now. It’ll take about three minutes of your day.


We’ll use this survey to understand how we can better support and advocate for you and your personal information online. We promise not to use any of your personally identifying information on targeted ads. We promise not to sell this data to any third parties. And we promise to share the results of this survey back with you in a transparent and open way.