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Firefox 43 new contributors

With the release of Firefox 43, we are pleased to welcome the 46 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 35 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

7 comments on “Firefox 43 new contributors”

  1. sathishkumar wrote on

    my project rdlc report design not support css in firefox version 43.0.1 above but other version and another Browser is working how to solve the problems.plz send the ans quickly .

  2. anthony reed wrote on

    i,m new to firefox.. about 18months. i,m a senior disabled ,vet. i use to be with I E. I changed over on the advice of a brother VET. love the site .have noticed all changes and updates. took a little bit to get used to. but im doing fine know. i,ve gotten use to the plugins. and how crucial they are. its an extreme SAFE SITE. this is what we need.its help keep my pc out of the shop. keep up the good work. i,ve made a couple of donations for the cause to keep my browser safe… thanks again.ANTHONY, PROVIDENCE R.I.

  3. s.h.fatemi wrote on

    سلام من یک ایرانی هستم ازشما بسیار ممنونم که دریافت فایر فاکس را در اختیار دیگران به صورت آزاد قرار می دهید
    ، بسیار ممنونیم

    1. s.h.fatemi wrote on

      thank you

  4. Randall Davis wrote on

    Not seeing the install as successful – but tells me it was on sight check for Updates?

  5. Rob wrote on

    I noticed that Firefox have problem so far. Thanks Cajun_Andouille

  6. HC wrote on

    I like firefox, but recently even latest version on Win7 64 bit…….it does’nt go smooth……something slowly working…..then there’s nothing on screen……..

    Can improve ?