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Share with us what it means to be a German Conscious Choosers!

Hamburg! Leipzig! Munich! Are you interested in helping us make the Internet more healthy, open and accessible?


This October, the Mozilla Audience Insights team, supported by Roberta Tassi and will be in Germany to understand the German Conscious Choosers – a group of people whose commitment to clear values and beliefs are driving their behavior and choices in terms of brands, companies and organizations they support and use. Similar to our objective in the USA, we would like to learn more about their experiences and the role that the internet and technology play in their life. This is an important group for Mozilla to understand because we believe people who think this way can also help us with our mission to keep the Internet open, accessible and healthy.


We would love to meet folks in person in:

Hamburg: October 5-9, 2017

Leipzig: October 10-14, 2017

Munich: October 15-19, 2017


We are looking for people who might be Conscious Choosers to conduct 2 hour interviews in their homes. If you are a Conscious Chooser and know someone who might be, please fill up this form to see if you qualify!


Also, please reach out to us by email if:

# You are interested in a group discussion on the role of the Internet in our daily life, as individuals and societies, and why it’s important to keep it healthy.


# You are a group of volunteers, a community or a non-profit organization that believes in creating a healthier internet and/or are targeting the Conscious Chooser audience,

We would like to come visit you and know more about what you do at the local level.


Send us an email at:, we’ll love to meet you in-person!