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MDN’s new design is in Beta

Change is coming to MDN. In a recent post, we talked about updates to the MDN brand, and this time we want to focus on the upcoming design changes for MDN. MDN started as a repository for all Mozilla documentation, but today MDN’s mission is to provide developers with the information they need to build things on the open Web. We want to more clearly represent that mission in the naming and branding of MDN.

New MDN logo

MDN’s switch to new branding reflects an update of Mozilla’s overall brand identity, and we are taking this opportunity to update MDN’s visual design to match Mozilla’s design language and clean new look. For MDN that means bold typography that highlights the structure of the page, more contrast, and a reduction to the essentials. Color in particular is more sparingly used, so that the code highlighting stands out.

Here’s what you can expect from the first phase:

screenshot of new MDN design

New MDN design

The core idea behind MDN’s brand identity change is that MDN is a resources for web developers. We realize that MDN is a critical resource for many web developers and we want to make sure that this update is an upgrade for all users. Instead of one big update, we will make incremental changes to the design in several phases. For the initial launch, we will focus on applying the design language to the header, footer and typography. The second phase will see changes to landing pages such as the web platform, learning area, and MDN start page. The last part of the redesign will cover the article pages themselves, and prepare us for any functional changes we’ve got coming in the future.

Today, we are launching the first phase of the redesign to our beta users. Over the next few weeks we’ll collect feedback, and fix potential issues before releasing it to all MDN users in July. Become a beta tester on MDN and be among the first to see these updates, track the progress, and provide us with feedback to make the whole thing even better for the official launch.

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  1. Mohamed wrote on

    A black theme would be appreciable, we can have one with stylish extension but a native one would be even better.

    Pretty happy with the current design + stylish theme, i hope the new design will not ruin that


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