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Help Firefox users transition to 3.5

When Firefox 3.5 launches later this month, we expect it to be really popular. After all, it’s the culmination of many months of very hard work from everyone in the Mozilla community. As with any major release, some users may need help transitioning from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5 or are using Firefox for the first time: whether it’s needing help with updating add-ons or using the many new features or even possibly a release-day issue. At, we’re hoping to provide friendly, prompt and personal support to each of these new Firefox 3.5 users through our knowledge base, forums and live chat service so they can get their questions answered and can start enjoying their brand new browser as quickly as possible. This is where you come in. We’d love to have experienced Firefox users and Mozilla community members (like you!) join the dedicated support community for the first week or two after the final Firefox 3.5 release and help these users.

There are a number of ways to help. If you’d like to work with users in real time over live chat, you’ll need to get the Spark client or you can use any jabber client and be available as a resource to our contributors. Just as important is answering questions on the support forums. To get started, simply register for an account and start posting. To join in what’s sure to be an exciting community atmosphere and keep on top of the latest issues and problem, just join us in the #sumo IRC channel on That’s also a good place to go if you need help with any of the above.

In addition to helping our users, this is also a great opportunity to interact with some of the hundreds of millions of Firefox users worldwide and share with them the excitement of getting a new browser. And it’s lots of fun.

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    just join us in the #sumo IRC channel on

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    Xolm, right you are! Thanks for spotting this; post updated.