One-day sprint to write crash articles for the knowledge base

One of the most frustrating thing for users is to have Firefox crash on them. As we’ve discussed before, we’ve been writing a series of articles to document the top crashes and get them searchable by crash signature.

Just documenting the top 50 crash signatures will greatly improve the experience of users coming to SUMO. It will also help give us somewhere to point users to from the forums or live chat. Towards that end, we’ll be having a one-day sprint to write these articles and get them into the knowledge base and we could use your help!

On September 3rd, we’re going to get together to write as many of these crash articles as we can. We’ll have members from Mozilla’s QA team as well as platform and branch development teams on hand over IRC to help with understanding crash bugs or stacks and answer any questions you may have about the crashes. We’ll be tracking our progress on this page.

We look forward to seeing you there!