Localization for Firefox 5 and beyond on SUMO

If you are a SUMO localizer now is a good time to prepare for the upcoming Firefox 5 release. Firefox 5 will be released on June 21, which is less than 2 weeks away and our articles are now ready to be localized. There are 7 updated articles for Firefox 5, and many of the updates are rather small, so you should have no problem updating your articles if you had them up to date for Firefox 4 already. As we have discussed before, in the future there will be 4 weeks of localization time beginning from the third week of the Beta period for every new Firefox release. But for Firefox 5 the time for localization is a bit shorter since the whole Firefox 5 development cycle is kept shorter than normal.

Michael Verdi has create a special page that let’s you easily keep track of all the articles that we have changed between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. If you are a localizer you should bookmark that page so you can see at a glance the upcoming changes for future versions of Firefox.

As always your Localization Dashboard is the most important metric to see what to localize or update next. If you keep the top 20 articles localized at all times you cover over 50% of all visits to the KB already. But with upcoming new Firefox versions we can sometimes predict that an article is going to be very popular after the release, even if it doesn’t show up on the Localization Dashboard yet. So we’ll make sure to inform everyone about those cases.

If you have any questions about the process, an update is unclear or you want to help localize support articles into your own language, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the community forums.

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  1. Tomer Cohen wrote on

    I’m still waiting to see decent RTL support on sumo… ☹

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