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Meet Brinda!

Say hi to Brinda! She’s an intern for SUMO this summer, working on text mining support questions to find our top issues. Automating this manual process will be a huge help to us. I shot this video almost a month ago so Brinda is wrapping up her work now and will be heading back to the University of Illinois soon for her senior year. It’s been great having her on the SUMO team.

3 comments on “Meet Brinda!”

  1. Ziggy wrote on

    Awesome, all the best in your senior year at your university! Thank you for all the work you’ve done for Mozilla!

  2. John99 wrote on

    I hope you liked your time at Mozilla, and got round to trying the sky-diving. Lets hope we see some of the results from your work.

    Maybe the data mining will enable quicker responses to be made to new issues on SUMO, the Google Toolbar and release of Lion being two that spring to mind.

  3. mluna wrote on

    Yay Brinda, great video! I will miss you!