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SUMO l10n update

Hello, Localizers of SUMO!

Have you read Michal’s blog post yesterday? If you haven’t, I hope you can get to it this weekend – it is definitely a very inspiring and positive piece about a small group of dedicated contributors completing a huge task, thanks to good organization and resolve. I am pretty sure we’re going to see more similar stories appearing on our blog before the end of this year – who knows, maybe one of them will come from you, the person reading these words right now :-)


As you may have noticed, we are in the process of discussing the technical challenges and requirements for Kitsune’s future. We are at the stage of collating your feedback and planning the next steps in our investigation.

What does this mean for SUMO L10n? Business as usual – do not worry about any unexpected, unannounced changes to the tools or ways L10n works; everything is staying in place, and nothing is getting moved, deleted or switched off. Your dashboard still shows what’s there to be done, and all localization should proceed as usual.

Which reminds me – you have my continuous and sincere thanks for all your hard work bringing Mozilla to millions of people around the world. Keep rocking the helpful web in your language!


We have more locales coming on board! Just today, Karthic asked to contribute to Tamil, so it has been added to the Pontoon dashboard. Looking forward to concentrated localization awesomeness from Karthic in the near future.

Other than that, the tool is stable and you seem to be having a good time using it. If that’s not the case, do let me know!

Best Practices

In the coming weeks, we are planning to refocus the content creation and l10n scheduling to be more in sync with each of the upcoming Firefox releases (for all platforms), both before and after their release dates.

By the way – remember that if you feel lost, uninspired or confused by our content and tools, you can choose any of the following options to find help:

Don’t hesitate – use them!


After Belo Horizonte and Dublin, we send our warm greetings to the Mozilla l10ns gathering in Stockholm!

Remember about the upcoming L10n hackathons for your locale! Try to make the most of the upcoming opportunity to connect with your fellow localizers: