Thank you, Kadir!

Happy birthday @atopal :-)! A la prochaine anniversaire! paris-sumo-q3-2013-nikonv1-20130827-DSC_0014.jpg

Hello, SUMO Nation!

A bitter-sweet piece of news to share with you, as we’re announcing Kadir’s move onwards to focus on MDN product management.

For those of you who haven’t been around for long, Kadir was the original SUMO Support Community Manager (so, basically a very early alpha version of those who help you help others today ;-)). Just click the link to his profile and read on. Quite a ride for the open web!

He has been the glue between users, contributors, developers, and the oceans of data that our platform produces every day, trying to make everyone’s life easier and the future of Kitsune clearer. His task prioritization and problem analysis skills will definitely make many future MDN projects a success.

On a more personal side, he’s always kept a sharp eye out for good movies and great desserts, making sure that every team meeting had a good backing of both culture and cuisine.

On behalf of all the current SUMO admins and contributors – thank you for all the awesomeness, Kadir! Good luck with all the new challenges and adventures in development and beyond!

photo courtesy of Roland

PS. More SUMO Developer news coming your way next week!

One comment on “Thank you, Kadir!”

  1. Swarnava Sengupta wrote on

    This blogpost reminds me of day when i joined as a SUMO volunteer. Kadir is inspirational person and helped in many different way to get involved and understand SUMO platform. All the best Kadir! :)