Firefox 48 and Firefox for iOS 5.1 Release Report

Firefox 48 Release and Firefox for IOS version 5.1

August 2016

This report is aiming to capture and explain what has happened during and after the launch of Firefox 48/ Firefox for iOS 5.1 on multiple support fronts: Knowledge Base and localization, 1:1 social and forum support, trending issues and reported bugs, as well as to celebrate and recognize the tremendous work the SUMO community is putting in to make sure our users experience a happy release.

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Knowledge Base and Localization

Article Voted “helpful” (English/US only) Global views Comments from dissatisfied users
Desktop 70-100% 24,019 “…Don’t think you force me to update to an OS that don’t allow me to use some of the software that I have installed on my computer.”

“can’t update OS, processor limitations. I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

Android 56-67% 5,078 “Dropdown right top was showing clipboard. friend used ph. clipboard disappeared. Bluetooth i dont want appeared. How do i put it back as was?!”

“Some websites insist on blocking the paste function for passwords and while I’ve come across a workaround for this when using desktop firefox the mobile version is another matter.”

“On some sites this does not work “ 67-80% 24,308 70-72% 23,970 “A bit confusing to mix bookmarks with reading list. Good breeder generally, well done.”

“Why is my reading list added to my bookmarks? Why isn’t it separate?? I don’t want them together.” 81-83% 105,530 “Procedure to set Firefox as default browser is different when setting options are seen on phone. Panasonic P75 is phone tried on.

“Trying to make Firefox my browser for smart ultra 6.” 100% 241 no votes 74


Support Forum Threads

Issues to note: This issue showed up in Social and the forums, with the new awesome bar functionality and test pilot awesomebar experiments the ability to turn off the “search with google” was deprecated: ”Search with google”  How to remove “search with google” in Firefox 48,  I want to disable search in the address bar and browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete does not work ,  is there any way to disable browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete in firefox 48? 

Disabled add on signing was removed in 48, there was an evident population did not agree  Disable add-on signing not available in Firefox 48?

Some dislike was evident in some commentary about the change in url bar style:Upgraded to Windows 10 & Firefox 47 – now almost impossible to make out active tab 

Add ons: ALl in one sidebar was fixed All-in-one sidebar not working in Firefox 48

Quicktime was deprecated for Windows

Android: Firefox for Android 48 in developer preview 5 of Android 7 Nougat may not work properly with uBlock Origins on Nexus Devices:  How to fix when Firefox for Android on Android 7 aka N aka Nougat hangs periodically?


Social Support Highlights

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Total contributors in program – 185

New users added between August 2 – August 19, 2016:

Warm welcome to Daniela and Alex Mayorga! Thank you for your help this release, we hope to see more of you.

Top 5 Contributors

This version we had a few new users and a larger amount of engagement

User Posts and Tweets Engagements (replies, likes, re-tweets)
Noah Y 82 102
Magno Reis 35 23
Andrew Truong 23 22
Daniela Albarran 16 22
Jhonatas Rodrigues Machacho 15 9
Swarnava Sengupta 9 9
Alex Mayorga 5 7


Outbound Top engagement:


“Firefox is Not Responding” Facebook post issue



Article Top 10 locale coverage Top 20 locale coverage
Desktop (August 2 – 18)
Firefox support has ended for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 100% 80%
Android (August 2 – 18)
How do I copy and paste text on Android? 100% 90%
Awesome Bar – Search your Firefox bookmarks, history and tabs from the address bar 100% 90%
Save web pages to your Reading List on Firefox for Android 100% 70%
Make Firefox the default browser on Android 100% 85%
Control notifications in Firefox for Android 100% 75%
What’s new in Firefox for Android 100% 75%

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Thank yous from users who received SUMO help

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