Firefox 49 Support Release Report

This report is aiming to capture and explain what has happened during and after the launch of Firefox 49on multiple support fronts: Knowledge Base and localization, 1:1 social and forum support, trending issues and reported bugs, as well as to celebrate and recognize the tremendous work the SUMO community is putting in to make sure our users experience a happy release. We have lots of ways to contribute, from Support to Social to PR, the ways you can help shape our communications program and tell the world about Mozilla are endless. For more information: []

Knowledge Base and Localization

Article Voted “helpful” (English/US only) Global views Comments from dissatisfied users
Desktop (Sept. 20 – Oct. 12) 76-80% 93871 “No explanation of why it was removed.” 61-76% 8625 none 36-71% 11756 “Didn’t address Firefox not playing YouTube tutorials” 70-75% 5147 “Please continue to support Firefox for Pentium III. It is not that hard to do.”

“What about those who can’t afford to upgrade their processors?”

Android (Sept. 20 – Oct. 12) 68% 292 none


Article Top 10 locale coverage Top 20 locale coverage
Desktop (Sept. 20 – Oct. 12) 100% 86% 100% 81% 100% 81% 100% 81%
Android (Sept. 20 – Oct. 12) 100% 71%


Support Forum Threads


Great teamwork between some top contributors


Bugs Created from Forum threads – SUMO Community

  • [Bug 1305436] Firefox 49 won’t start after installation
  • [Bug 1304848] Users report Firefox is no longer launching after the 49 update with a mozglue.dll missing error instead
  • (Contributed to) [Bug 1304360] Firefox49 showing graphics artifacts with HWA enabled

Army Of Awesome

(by Stefan Costen -Costenslayer)

My thanks goes out to all contributors for their help in supporting everyone from crashed (which can be difficult and annoying) to people thanking us. All of your hard work has been noticed and is much appreciated

Along with Amit Roy (twitter: amitroy2779) for helping uses every day

Social Support Highlights

Brought to you by Sprinklr

Total active contributors in program ~16

Top 12 Contributors

Name Engagements
Noah 103
Magdno 69
Daniela 28
Andrew 25
Geraldo 10
Cynthia 10
Marcelo 4
Jhonatas 2
Thiago 2
Joa Paulo 1

Number of Replies:


Trending issues

Innbound, what people are clicking and asking about:


Outbound top engagement:


Thank yous from users who received SUMO help

Support Forums:

Thanks to jscher from determining between how windows and Firefox handles different video file types Thank you post

Thank you for Noah from a user on Social, link here

Tune in next time in three weeks for Firefox 50!

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