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Updates on Firefox Private Network

Hi SUMO Community,

Following up on our previous announcement about Firefox Private Network, today marks another milestone for Firefox. We are so excited to expand Firefox Private Network into two different offerings.

Browser-level protection (Extension for any desktop running the Firefox browser)

We are continuing our beta testing of the Firefox Private Network extension that we released earlier this year. The extension hides your Firefox browsing activity and location. This prevents eavesdroppers on public Wi-Fi from spying on the actions you take online by masking your IP address and routing your traffic through our partner’s secure servers. It also protects you from internet service providers collecting or selling data on your browsing activity. And it hides your locations from websites and data collectors that profile you to target ads.

There will be no changes for test pilots who have already started using the extension by logging in with their Firefox account. For those who are not yet using the extension, we invite you to join the Test Pilot program and try it out. When you sign up or log in with a Firefox account and become one of our beta testers, you’ll get 12 hours of protected browsing for free this month. We are continuing to explore the best way to deliver browser-level protection to our users and we welcome your feedback and input each step of the way.

Get extra security by using full-device protection (Windows 10)

If you are looking for unlimited private internet connection that goes beyond the Firefox browser, we are also offering full-device protection with Firefox Private Network. Firefox Private Network full-device protection is a device-level VPN that provides an encrypted tunnel to the web from any software or app on your Windows 10 device.That means your connection is secure and private regardless of which browser or application you are using.

Private Network’s full-device protection is currently available for beta testers in the United States with Windows 10 devices, but it will be available on other platforms soon. You can join the waitlist for the VPN beta here. Selected users will receive an invitation to subscribe for 4.99 USD per month with a U.S. credit card during the beta period.

How can I help as a SUMO contributor?

For the SUMO community, it’s important to understand that we now have two separate products for both services in the Kitsune platform. In addition to that, we also offer another level of support for the paying customers of the Firefox Private Network device-level protection that will be delivered through a ticketing system called Zendesk. As such, both the forums and also Zendesk will be managed by our designated staff member, Brady. However, as with the previous beta phase, we will also welcome any help you may provide for the users in the forum. We are also working on an escalation process from the community to the designated staff member, so expect more updates on that.

We are enthusiastic about this new opportunity and hope that you’ll support us along the way. To get the best out of Firefox experience, sign up for a Firefox Account and join our fight to keep the internet open and accessible to all!