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Mozilla Quarterly Newspaper 

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The special Summit edition of the newspaper [pdf] will go out tomorrow! Come by the design tables and grab a copy or ten to give to friends.  Here’s a link roll up of all the great articles:

The Phone is in My Life, not My Life is in the Phone Part 1 and Part 2 by Dominik Strohmeier & Lindsay Kenzig

Webmaker User Testing: A Unifying Force Across Teams and Communities by Cassie McDaniel

(Re)building a Simplified Firefox Logo by Sean Martell

Where and Firefox Intersect by Holly Habstritt Gaal

User Reactions to the Marketplace: First Release, Feed, and Payments by Maria Sandberg

Designing Firefox Health Report for Mobile by Arun Balachandran Ganesan

Firefox Marketplace in the Future: Customized App Store Experience by Liu Liu

Firefox and Emerging Trends: UX Research in Southeast Asia Part 1 and Part 2 by Gemma Petrie

The Internet and Browsing in Indonesia: Initial Findings from the Field by Bill Selman

Firefox OS Field Research in Colombia by Mary Trombley