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Mozilla Add-ons Site Redesigned, Available Now

Updated Add-ons Site

Great news from Basil Hashem, Mike Morgan and Madhava Enros: the refreshed, redesigned and ready for interaction Mozilla Add-ons web site is now live!

Here’s what Basil had to say:

The AMO team has been hard at work for the last many months on a major site redesign and is pleased to announce the availability of the new AMO site. This is a significant release and chock-full of goodies for end users and add-on authors alike. The focus has been predominantly to provide a visual refresh, simplify navigation and rework the add-on developer tools area. But that doesn’t quite capture just how much effort has gone into this release. So, here is a full rundown of all the changes.

And some praise for our editors and localizers from Mike Morgan:

Our editors have worked hard to review new and updated add-ons as we move towards Firefox 3 this year and our localizers translated roughly 200 new strings in AMO templates in a little over three weeks for 24 locales (wow).

Lastly, some user experience notes from Madhava Enros:

This release is particularly exciting for me, partly because the wireframes and interaction-model for the site were the first things I worked on when I arrived at Mozilla. Also, though, because alongside the re-skinning and reorganization of the site, I think we’ve managed to improve the user-experience of finding and installing add-ons in a number of interesting ways.

Add it all up and the site that’s served over 600 million add-on downloads is now even more useful for more people than ever before. Check out the updated Mozilla Add-ons site here: 

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