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Firefox 57 new contributors

With the upcoming release of Firefox 57, we are pleased to welcome the 53 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 47 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

12 comments on “Firefox 57 new contributors”

  1. Richard Osborne wrote on

    Its great to see community software development from the ground up!

  2. Sally wrote on

    Hi, the most recent firefox update (57) was automatically updated on my pc this morning. Previous version worked fine. New version deleted my old desktop shortcut, didn’t create a new one and after looking for it in the gubbins of my machine I tried to open it, run it, troubleshoot it, do anything with it but it won’t open or work. I have Windows 10. I can find the firefox program on my machine but is totally non responsive. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it – same issue….it disappears into the machine and won’t come out and play!! Please advise how to fix this. Thank you 🙂

  3. Martin wrote on

    Thanks for this new version of firefox. It feels like a major step forward. I am amazed by the speed. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

  4. wjones wrote on

    TY all for your contribution. I was worried about Firefox, but this new version is great. its fast and really pops. no more memory leaks overnight. I was really close to downgrading Firefox to my #2 browser. But thanks to 57, I’m keeping it at #1. Great Job!!!

    1. JG wrote on

      Same for me, now I’m ready to give it another shot!

  5. Melvin B wrote on

    I upgraded to 57, my Bookmarks got all messed up, so I went back to 56!

  6. Prashant Sharma wrote on

    Thanks for your time and work on this release, new is good 🙂

  7. PJ wrote on

    from an impressed and humble common user:

    A very very big THANK YOU for you all for all the efforts, time and what else you had to offer for this giant project.

    thank you very much!


  8. Matheus wrote on

    A big Thank You from Brazil!

  9. Zac wrote on

    Thanks for your hard work. But Firefox 57 takes >10x CPU cycles with just Mozilla home page open than Chrome with 8 tabs open. Like to get off Chrome but I can’t do it yet.

  10. 2lip wrote on

    Thank you for all the time that everyone has put into making Firefox what it is today! It has been my go-to browser now for the last 10 years! You guys rock!

  11. Earth Navigator wrote on

    Nobody is perfect. The new version of ‘Firefox’ doesn’t open ‘Google Earth pro’ (GEP) as the previous version did (at least on Windows 7). The problem should be fixed the sooner the better. GEP is a widely used application.