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Reps Weekly Call – April 16th 2015

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.



  • How to improve this call?
  • Community IT SOP

AirMozilla video

George Roter joined this call to talk about recent announcements shared only with Reps. You will need to log in on airmozilla to access this recording.

Detailed notes

This was the first call where we applied two small improvements:

  • Stick to maximum 30 minutes.
  • We took better notes to be able to share these “extended” notes there should be little need for watching the recording to know what happened 😉

How to improve this call?

We would love to improve this call to be more fun and easy to attend. The floor was opened for feedback about this.

People expressed their desire to:

  • Have better notes (are these better? ;))
  • Stick to 30 minutes.
  • Think about the need to move the call to bi-weekly. Maybe if we stick to 30 minutes it’s OK to be weekly. We will evaluate this need format to be able to decide.
  • Wemaker team meetings were commented as a good example, where people brings their projects to the call.
  • Special guests are an incentive to attend and a win-win. We learn from other people and they learn and get feedback from us. Important to notice in advance to let Reps prepare questions.

Finally we asked about why people is so quiet on this call. We would like to be more dynamic and have more voices from the people attending.

Some reasons:

  • Some are too shy.
  • Mic issues.
  • At a place were they can’t talk.
  • Give the opportunity to others to chime in.

Do you feel we need to talk about public speaking to improve this? Rotate the people reading different parts? Let us know on the discourse topic.

Community IT SOP

Council has asked for feedback about this SOP around digital asserts for Reps. We would like Reps to take some minutes to check it out and share comments.

It’s important to get everyone’s feedback before establishing a policy. This work from Council+Mentors+Community IT team was a result of a lot of comments and concerns we got from the community at the beginning of the year.

Full raw notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

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