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Reps Weekly Call – July 30th 2015

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.



  • Participation team Q3 goals.
  • Featured events.
  • Help me with my project.
  • What’s up with Council this week.

AirMozilla video

Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Flaki, Michael, all Webmaker party organizers, Ankit, Dian Ina, and Reps Portal devs.

Participation Team: Q3 goals

Rosana and Ruben talked about the Participation Team and the goals for this quarter.

Some highlights:

  • George is here to stay and will be leading the team in the long term.
  • The team will work with partners in the functional areas to develop relevant initiatives volunteers can chime in. WilliamQ and Brian will focus on this.
  • Global-local work will focus on supporting Reps and regional communities working together, supporting and coaching volunteers to be able to work in top initiatives. Rosana, Rubén, Guillermo, Konstantina and Francisco will focus on this.
  • Special focus on developing leaders to have more impact, running workshops around this. Emma will be leading these efforts.
  • To support more technical opportunities the Participation Tech Platform will work on this front, with Pierros leading and with the help of Tasos, Nemo, Nikos and Emma.
  • In order to be more effective there will be more focus on 10 specific countries to enable more impact.
  • The main initiatives will be: Firefox OS Ignite, Brand building in Germany, Firefox for Android in India, Midterm plan for 3 communities, Leadership program and Technology group.
  • The team will keep working using Hearthbeats.

Check the presentation and the team’s github.

Featured events

  • Maker Parties/Webmaker events
    • Dehli: From July 31st to August 15th.
    • Bacolod, Philippines: July 31st.
  • WebAssembly for humans. PereiraJS. Pereira, Colombia. July 30th.
  • Firefox OS introduction in Maseno University. Kisumu, Kenya. July 31st.
  • Firefox OS Africa Workshop. Paris, France. July 31st, August 2nd.
  • Weekly MozTW Lab, Taipei. Community space Taipei. July 31st.
  • Stumbling in a box, Kerala. Kerala, India. August 2nd to 22nd.

Help me with my project!

Reps portal

Currently there is a lot going on with the Participation team tooling and the Reps portal devs need help to fix bugs and add new features.

They can devote some time to mentor new people to get involved with the portal development.

Check the repository and current bugs.


The new bug triage tool is now live. The idea is that users sign up to get a list of untriaged bugs to move them to the proper category and make them actionable.

Give it a try and let them know what do you think.

What’s up with Council this week

  • Mentor selection criteria: The feedback has been discussed and a final draft will be shared soon.
  • Update of the Budget SOP to make it clearer and easier to read it
  • Blog post for ROM of July.
  • Working together with Francisco to be updated about future, important events and get more background from him
  • Helping out with the Participation Team Goals for Q3

Raw etherpad notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

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