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Fighting Back Against Surveillance

Expansive surveillance programs damage user trust, stifle innovation, and risk a divided Internet. They affect all Internet users around the world – and yet we still don’t know their full impact, even now.

This coming Tuesday, February 11th, will mark “The Day We Fight Back” against mass surveillance. Mozilla is taking part in this campaign to help lead the world’s Internet citizenry in flexing a little muscle and delivering a message: It’s time to fix this.

What will happen without reform? The Internet industry in the United States will feel perhaps the most harm, with potentially hundreds of billions of dollars lost. Over time, expansive surveillance will produce immeasurable harm to the future of innovation and adoption, not just for the U.S. but for the entire world.

Day We Fight Back Eye-Hand Logo

We launched Stop Watching Us to build a grassroots army on this issue. Now, eight months later, reform is beginning. The first round of commitments from the Administration was disappointing. We need much more. Leaders in Congress have made clear their intention to act, and one of the goals of the Day We Fight Back is to organize support for their efforts, in particular through the USA Freedom Act.

Join the fight – make your voice heard.