Mozilla at #rp17: What’s up with Internet Health?

Spring in Berlin means re:publica. This year, we invite you to join us for an interactive exhibition, in talks, and hopefully in many personal conversations to discover what we call Internet Health.

From Monday to Wednesday (May 8-10), “the Station” will be expecting roughly 10,000 attendees from more than 100 countries. People will be traveling to Berlin to learn, discuss, and experience new things on topics such as digital rights, politics and society, e-health, science fiction, journalism, education, all sorts of new technologies and anything else related to the digital society.

The schedule includes over 400 sessions taking place on 19 different stages and workshop rooms. The full list of the speakers is available here. All of the eight main stages will be live-streamed, recorded and translated.

Mozilla @ re:publica 17

Mozilla’s Executive Director, Mark Surman, will hold a keynote on whether the Internet of Things we are building is ethical. He will discuss the importance of asking not just what’s possible? but also what’s responsible?

Raegan MacDonald, Senior EU Policy Manager, will present a pitch on the EU copyright reform and the looming threat posed by mandatory upload filters and I will participate in a conversation on digital inclusion, in which we will talk about projects on enhancing digital literacy, equality and individual empowerment.


Where else to find us

We invite you to embark on a new and fun adventure: Join us on Monday, May 8 in the Labore:tory to explore our Internet Health Clinic. We will create an engaging installation, which is designed  to foster structured dialogue about five issues that we believe are crucial for the health of the Internet as an ecosystem: privacy and security; digital inclusion; web literacy; openness; and decentralization. We are particularly thrilled to partner with the Global Innovation Gathering to welcome an international group of experts, who will enter into a journey across continents. The speakers will share with us their own personal stories and inspire us with their work on the ground, around the world. At the clinic we are inviting feedback and are looking forward to discovering and exploring new ideas, research, potential collaborations, and possibilities to assess the impact of our actions on a healthy Internet on an annual basis.

In addition, we are excited to see the winners of our recent Equal Rating Innovation Challenge on stage as well.  If you want to learn more about their projects, this is where you need to go.

A number of Mozillians from our Advocacy, Emerging Tech, Firefox, Open Innovation, Open IoT, and Policy teams, as well as some of our Open Web Fellows, will also be in Berlin. So join us at re:publica and of course on Monday in the Labore:tory in the Internet Health Clinic!

See you in Berlin!

Sessions Overview

Day 1: Monday, May 8 (all times are CET)

12.15-12.45pm, re:connecting Europe

Cathleen Berger (meetup): Welcome to Berlin! Opening GIG & Re:Connecting Europe

12:45-1:15pm, Stage 2

Mark Surman (keynote): Are we living inside an ethical (and kind) machine?

2:00-5:00pm, Labore:tory

Mozilla’s Internet Health Clinic will feature 15 global experts during “visiting hours”.

2:00-2:30pm, Newthinking

Emanuela Damiani (talk): Codemotion Berlin x Ladies that UX Redesign Design

Day 2: Tuesday, May 9

4:15 to 4:45pm, Stage 9

The Winner’s of Mozilla Equal Rating Innovation Challenge: Access all areas – Independent internet infrastructures in Brazil, India and South Africa

Day 3: Wednesday, May 10

10:00-11:00am, Stage 4

Cathleen Berger (panel): Digital Equality and how the open web can contribute to a more equal world

11:15am-12:15pm, Stage 8

Raegan MacDonald (panel): Stop the censorship machines! Can we prevent mandatory upload filters in the EU?

3:00-3:30pm, Newthinking

Florian Merz (Volunteer talk): Codemotion Berlin x Mozilla: Volunteering for an Open Web